• My love of surf photography has taken me all over the world. Some of my adventures have included visiting Hawaii, Indonesia, Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, South Africa, New Zealand, all over Australia, China, Brazil, USA, Caroline islands, UK and The Maldives. Every photo is a reminder of those good times on the road.

    From humble beginings as a 16 year old kid with a video camera to present day, with all the state of the art surf photography toys it's been one great adventure after the next. I am completely self taught and still learning every time I pick up my camera.

    For me, surf photography has always been a hobby which allowed me to travel with my friends and provide some good pocket money along the way. It would be amazing to earn my bread and butter from this lifestyle so I am always open to new opportunities.

    Recently, I have returned to motion picture photography, where it all began and have been fortunate enough to be hired to shoot a number of high end productions. It's been great fun but my true love is to shoot stills, hold the image in my hand and have people excited about the work I have created.

    I hope you enjoy some of my favourite photos within this website.